Social Impact and Philanthropy.

Make A Mark With Positive Change

Traditionally, it’s said that you should first build a successful company and then think about its social impact. Today, we beg to differ. Financial, social and environmental—we call it the triple bottom line. We’ve grown our professional network by finding business partners who are focused on all three. Asserting your company’s social impact shows potential customers and investors how you plan to help achieve a more sustainable and equitable society, without sacrificing profit. We use community assessments, coalitions and advocacy to help you identify and resolve the issues that matter to your organization.

Social Impact/CSR Services Include:

  • Social impact investing and fund development
  • Philanthropy & charitable strategic planning
  • Personalized social impact/CSR programs for private and public sectors
  • Social justice/community campaigns and events for professional athletes and entertainers
  • Personalized community assessments
  • Community coalition building