Government Relations.

Simplify and Streamline the Process. Confidently Work Hand in Hand with Government

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, university or private-sector firm, we can help you work within the government landscape with efficiency and confidence. Managing political risk is vital for effective corporate governance and business planning. Our government-relations services are designed to help you learn about funding opportunities, create strategic programs and develop legislative strategies. Plus, we help government agencies connect with their communities and stakeholders to support the missions of local, state and federal departments across the country.

Government Relations Services Include:

  • Identify relevant programs/policies/funding opportunities at federal, state and local levels
  • Federal contracting basics and advanced education for companies at any stage
  • Facilitate/Manage relationships with government agencies and Congressional members
  • Create data management tools to monitor government impact
  • Draft public policy recommendations & congressional testimonies
  • Promote and evaluate government programs and policies and their impact on targeted constituencies